• Ruki: Good morning.
  • Ruki: I had a nightmare. I only have a faint memory of it now, though.
  • @vixen0504: You need to make that into a song! And fast!
  • Ruki: (the title of that song would be) "☦ Midday Nightmare ☦"
  • Kaolu: "Tragedy of a Daydream †"
  • Ruki: "Bloodstained Comedy"
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  • Kaolu: I'd like to go to sleep soon(>_<) But I can't stop drinking this beer...
  • Ruki: Woah, you are alive! (laugh)
  • Kaolu: Eh!? I'm very much alive lol. But we haven't seen each other that much lately~ ( ̄▽ ̄)
  • Ruki: You are rightー (laugh) Let's have BBQ later!
  • Kaolu: Let's! We have to at least start planning the BBQ ( ;´Д`) It's so difficult to find a time that is okay with everyone... lol.
  • Ruki: True (laugh)
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  • Ruki: This thing called "a band" is such a fickle thing.
  • Ruki: I'm sure I will continue being in the GazettE until we've done everything we can do when it comes to music and being in a band. I doubt that we will ever run out of things to do, though (laugh).
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Psst about your gaze lyric explanation master post I was wondering if you added C.Y. HEAD in there because I tried looking for it but I don't think I saw it unu

uh. you know that it’s not their song right? it’s kiyoharu’s and they just made a cover. i’m not adding lyrics that are not ruki’s on that list.

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If you were to choose your top five Gazette songs what would they be and why?

okay i’ve said this before but i’ll say it again. i’m trying to keep this blog focused on translations and anything related to them. if you want to ask things like this please direct them to my personal blog. thanks c: 

but since you already asked. 

top five gazette songs in no particular order:

  • akai wanpi
  • kago no sanagi
  • ruder
  • namaatatakai ame to blaaahhh
  • regret

the thing is that i can’t really say top five generally good gazette songs because i put them in different categories. good live songs, good lyrics etc and then there are songs that sound really good but they are not that special live and/or the lyrics don’t really move me so. the ones i just listed are songs that speak to me and/or they have a lot of memories and emotional value but usually i wouldn’t but them in the same category.


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Hey Anna, do you know what ボロクソ means? It's mentioned in Garish Room 22 and I can't figure it out.

shit, worthless etc

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  • Reita: When I have a good dream, I feel disappointed when I wake up and realize it was just a dream. When I have a nightmare, I feel relieved when I wake up and realize it was just a dream. I wonder which one is better? It's hard to say. And that is why I decided that I will never sleep again in my entire life!
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  • Ruki: I hate mosquitoes.
  • Ruki: It doesn't even matter if they bite me or not, I hate them anyway.
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  • Ruki: Hey.
  • Ruki: Are you guys doing okay?
  • Ruki: If you are, good. There are those who are not doing okay as well but once the reason why you are feeling down gets cleared up I hope you get to smile as much as possible.
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Reita: Getting my baby cleaned up.Reita: I think I&#8217;m the calmest when I&#8217;m driving my car. When I&#8217;m driving my bike it&#8217;s more about feeling good than about feeling calm. I might look calm when I&#8217;m reading but since I&#8217;m always reading mystery novels my heart is actually beating like crazy. I can&#8217;t handle the gaps in the stories! 

Reita: Getting my baby cleaned up.
Reita: I think I’m the calmest when I’m driving my car. When I’m driving my bike it’s more about feeling good than about feeling calm. I might look calm when I’m reading but since I’m always reading mystery novels my heart is actually beating like crazy. I can’t handle the gaps in the stories! 

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