hi:) who is the girl that's often in their songs (for example in To the dazzling darkness) haha I'm new here don't judge^-^

the backup singer? i don’t even know if it’s the same girl everytime. but like, i think in one booklet she was credited as “hiromi”.

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Hello Trauma-radio could translate Aoi's profile? please! and thanks ! (╯A╰)

i’m in tokyo and i have internet problems atm so i can’t right now so if you could wait a few days that’d be great. also i’m gonna assume you mean his twitter profile?

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  • Ruki: Deadlines are definitely the hardest thing when you are the kind of person who can never make a compromise. I'm in that kind of situation right now. It's stressful.
  • Ruki: But it just shows that it's a flaw in my character and makes me want to become a better person from the bottom of my heart.
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Hey there! Could you translate Ruki's interview in volume 1 of Stuppy(the magazine where he's on the front cover)? It's really long though...

i don’t translate magazine interviews, sorry :(

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Ruki: It’s hard to be blood type B ( ›◡ु‹ )

Ruki: It’s hard to be blood type B ( ›◡ु‹ )

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that post where gazette talks about one direction is going around again and it’s still fake

how to tell if a post is fake? first of all: is there a source? if not then maybe ask the original poster for one or google it. if there is a source and you are still doubting it (which is fine considering how much fake information is going around in this fandom) maybe google the entire interiew (or whatever) where the information came from or once again, ask the original poster for more information.  

for an example! if you ever read on my lyrics translations or the lyric explanation masterpost and have a hard time believing what’s written there - ask me about it. i will give you more information c: 

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Would you mind translating songs from Kyo's other band, side project? (I'm not sure exactly what it is ^^ll) but the band is called Sukekiyo

i actually really like sukekiyo but the problem is that kyo’s lyrics are super complicated and i don’t want to fuck them up so D: idk.

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What’s GFC??

global fan club. doesn’t exist anymore tho. 

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and how do we get the password?
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Hi! Do you still have the Heresy translations blog?

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